Nordmann Fir(Abies nordmanniana)

Originating from the mountains to the south and east of the Black Sea predominantly the Russian Caucasus, the Nordman Fir had grown in popularity since being introduced into the British Christmas Tree market. It has excellent needle retention and uniform shape, with dark green needles and is soft to the touch.

Norway Spruce(Picea abies)

The traditional Christmas tree, strong and sturdy with an excellent shape and a classic Christmas scent. Small, sharp green needles with ability to withstand cold and damp. Not a needle-fast tree but watering daily will slow the needle drop.

Fraser Fir(Abies Fraseri)

Introduced relatively recently to Britain, it is also growing in popularity year by year. The Fraser originates from Canada and North America. Again, it has excellent needle retention and a beautiful orange scent. It is slimmer than the Noble and Nordman.

Blue Spruce(Picea Pungens)

The blue spruce is native to the Rocky Mountain states in the US. It’s silvery blue needles are prickly to touch and have a strong, fresh, piney smell. It’s pyramid shape, foliage colour and wonderful smell make this a classic choice for a Christmas tree.

Noble Fir(Abies procera)

Introduced into Britain in 1830, it is a native of the forests of Washington and Oregon. It has striking blue grey foliage and regular growth habit and being a strong tree is excellent for holding large decorations and great for wreath making.

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